A Comprehensive Suite of Services

At DiLorenzo & Company LLC, we tailor our expertise to meet your unique financial needs. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower businesses, individuals, and organizations on their journey to success. Explore our offerings below and discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


Expert Tax & Accounting Services

From audited and reviewed financial statements to federal, multi-state, and local income tax returns, we ensure accuracy and compliance for your business and its stakeholders.

Proactive Tax Planning

Whether it's succession planning or structuring complex transactions, we provide focused guidance to maximize tax efficiency.

Fresh Perspectives for Growth

From entity choice to revenue recognition strategies, we analyze every aspect of your financial framework to uncover opportunities for optimization.

Tailored Transaction Services

Business M&A Solutions

Our seasoned team offers a range of services tailored to your needs, including third-party referrals, consultancy roles, and turnkey intermediary services. From pre-packaging and transaction positioning to valuation feasibility and tax structuring, we provide comprehensive support from inception to post-closing mop-up.

Comprehensive Financing Support

Whether you're seeking business or real estate financing, our team is equipped to assist you at every stage of the process. From credit request feasibility to cash flow projection review and transaction structuring, we provide expert guidance to help you secure the financing you need for success.

Navigating Real Estate Transactions

From property valuation feasibility to cash flow analysis and financing considerations, our experienced team offers comprehensive support for all your real estate transactions. Whether you're buying, selling, or refinancing, we provide expert guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transaction from start to finish.

Navigating High Net Worth Complexity

Comprehensive Tax Management

Our services encompass all aspects of tax return preparation and planning for high-net-worth individuals. From filing complex grantor trusts to managing diverse investment portfolios, we ensure thorough integration of all financial elements to optimize tax outcomes.

Strategic Tax Planning

We provide comprehensive support as your primary tax planning resource or as part of a broader planning team. Our expertise spans various areas, including estimated tax payment strategies, transaction-specific tax considerations, and multi-state jurisdiction planning, all aimed at maximizing tax efficiency while achieving your long-term financial goals.

Efficient Wealth Administration

From limited fiduciary roles to executive assistance for personal representatives or trustees, our team is equipped to handle the administrative tax aspects of funded trusts or estates. Whether you require assistance with business holdings trusts or back-office support, we offer tailored solutions to streamline wealth administration.

Resolving Tax Challenges

Expert Handling of Federal & State Tax Matters

With the government's increasing reliance on automated tools for tax enforcement, navigating government correspondence has become increasingly complex. Our experienced team specializes in evaluating correspondence and seeking swift resolution to discrepancies. With a power of attorney, we represent taxpayers undergoing examination and are prepared to join appeal teams to challenge adverse examination results.

Confidential Voluntary Disclosures

In situations where client privilege is paramount, we offer tax attorney third-party referrals for voluntary disclosures. Additionally, we provide consultation on achieving Wayfair compliance and assist in obtaining state voluntary disclosure agreements for prior-year nexus activities in non-filing states.

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